Updated: 3 Sep 2008

Dune is a clone of the game Dune II : The battle for Arrakis (C) Westwood Studios. My aim is to develop a fully customizable RTS Engine, Dune is a by-product of its development.

My RTS Engine uses an ini file (/data/main.ini) to customize many aspects of the game. These include customizable unit creation, map terrain, races, and many other game features. The graphics, sounds and music are also easily interchangeable.

This game was a work in progress that I never completed, currently it has no computer AI and only one map.


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 or higher

Please note: This game has color issues on Windows vista/7 or above. To fix this you will need to right click Dune.exe, click Properties, select the Compatibility tab, check Run in 256 colors and click OK. Then go into the Data folder and open main.ini in notepad, change ScreenResolution=1024,768 to your desktop resolution and save.




Dune (426KB) - Game compiled for Windows - (downloaded 363 times by 283 people)
Dune Source (630KB) - Visual Studio.NET 2003 C++ Project - (downloaded 81 times by 67 people)